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39. They Were All Wearing Eyepatches (Picard 1.05)

Put a feather in your hat and put on the silliest French accent you can manage, we’re talking about “Stardust City Rag”! 

And maybe it’s time to admit that Star Trek: Picard is not a good show … and that’s okay? 

Also discussed: 

  • That shocking death in the teaser
  • Kirsten Beyer as a writer
  • Seven and Bjayzel
  • Raffi is doing her best, okay?
  • Star Trek: Picard features the consequences that TNG and Voyager lacked (and that’s why we see fewer echoes of DS9)
  • The aesthetics of Freecloud
  • Picard, like, definitely doesn’t really understand money, right?
  • Everyone Loves Elnor: the hit sitcom coming to CBS All Access as soon as they start accepting our phone calls!