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38. The September Issue of Coloniser Monthly (Picard 1.04)

Episode 4 of Star Trek: Picard raised a lot of questions! Like, does the show want us to dislike Picard? And, when will Elnor get his cat? 

Discussed this week: 

  • a Twitter troll accused Liz of having a “heavily misandrist” Star Trek podcast, and yes, we are very proud, thank you 
  • Una McCormack’s The Last Best Hope, a prequel to Star Trek: Picard (including spoilery chat about one particular subplot; if you don’t want to know, skip ahead from where Liz warns of spoilers to approximately 07:21)
  • the regrettable racism in this series
  • and sexism
  • and heteronormativity
  • Elnor is a perfect angel who deserves many cats
  • we all deserve cats