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29. The Perfect Starter Boyfriend (Shipping on Voyager)

Having spent their formative years in Voyager shipping circles – don’t worry, we’ll define terms – Liz and Anika talk romance on Voyager

(Note: although we are generally family friendly…ish, this episode is definitely more PG-13 than others. And Liz uses the term “bone down” more than once, which is weird, because the words had never passed her lips before the day of recording.)

Pairings discussed: 

  • Neelix/Kes (and Paris/Kes)
  • Paris/Torres
  • Janeway/Chakotay
  • Janeway/Paris
  • Chakotay/Seven
  • Torres/Seven
  • Janeway/Kashyk
  • Janeway/that hologram dude, ugh
  • (we might be biased)
  • Janeway/Tuvok
  • Other Tuvok ships
  • Paris/Kim
  • Harry/Seven
  • Harry/…anyone? 
  • Doctor/Seven
  • Carey/Wildman

Also covered: are Discords the new mailing list? AO3 and the Hugo Awards. Wild speculation about Tuvok’s prowess. B’Elanna and Seven’s romance novel book club. And one wild card shipping option.