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23. Heart Attack Alibi (TOS 2.10)

As requested by our Twitter followers, we’re talking “Journey to Babel”. Along the way:

  • We provide a recap for viewers who haven’t watched “Journey” lately/ever
  • Liz attempts to say “pacificism”
  • Live headcanon construction
  • Considering “Journey to Babel” in the context of Discovery
  • Does Amanda buy into the Vulcan patriarchy?
  • Tellarites and Andorians and Vulcans, oh my!
  • Costume chat: Amanda wears the pants in this family (and the high heels and feather boas)

And finally, we have a NSFW digression about, ummmmmmmmmmm, some infamous 1970s cosplay. And here are some links:

  1. The Tumblr post where Liz first encountered the story
  2. A Fanlore post with more detail
  3. Turns out this took place in the ‘80s, not the ‘70s as Liz claimed, either way it was definitely a time before conventions had codes of conduct as a matter of course
  4. These two links are extremely NSFW