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21. Treason. Murder. Bad things. (Our Problematic Faves)

Problematic faves! Anika and a sliiiiiiiiiiightly hungover (yet award-winning) Liz discuss the characters we love, but can’t entirely recommend without a caveat. Or many caveats. 

But first — we have to define terms. How do you narrow it down when literally every single work of fiction, along with every single human who ever existed, is imperfect?


  • Yeoman Tonia Barrows of “Shore Leave” (TOS)
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway of THE ENTIRE SERIES OF VOYAGER have you heard of her?
  • T’Pring of of “Amok Time” (TOS) and Valeris  of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • Gul Dukat of DS9 (the ultimate Problematic Fave Who Thinks He Is A Cinnamon Roll)
  • Seska of Voyager
  • L’Rell of Discovery

And along the way, we talk about fandom’s attitudes towards characters who do terrible things or represent terrible ideas, fan fiction as a safe place to explore ideas which don’t have a place in canon, and more!