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174. The Puzzle is the People (Discovery 5.10)

Anika and Liz get all dressed up to attend a wedding. They just have to figure out the meaning of life first. Easy, right?

It’s a very special episode as we discuss the series finale of Star Trek: Discovery, “Life, Itself”!

  • We thought we were ready for Discovery to end, but we were wrong
  • Liz suffered a finale-related injury and Anika has wine
  • The Sega Star Trek: The Next Generation game (and also Jenny Nicholson’s four-hour video essay about Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser experience)
  • It feels like they were setting up Primarch Tahal as the big villain for season 6
  • We have even more feelings about Rayner than we do about the Galactic Starcruiser video
  • Moll’s ending is not what we expected, but we like it
  • Discovery streaming movies when?
  • The epilogue! The Star Trek: Legacy we deserve!