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173. Progenitor-Aged Whiskey (Discovery 5.09)

Anika and Liz put buckets on their head and infiltrate a Breen ship, pausing along the way to have a serious personal conversation. We’re discussing the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Discovery (WE ARE NOT READY), “Lagrange Point”! Including…

  • What sort of ending do we want for Moll? 
  • We already have a crush on Primarch Tahal
  • Michael and Book parallel Michael and Ash in “Into the Forest I Go” – is infiltrating an enemy ship a date? 
  • We are briefly interrupted by an appearance from Anika’s cat’s butt
  • Paul and Hugh have been sidestepping drama all season and it’s great? 
  • Saru: relationship role model
  • We’re not NOT shipping Rayner/Tilly