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171. Ice Cold Hot Take (Discovery 5.07)

It is so awkward when you literally stick a guy in a refrigerator and then his death provides motivation for his grieving partner to go on a rampage. Anika and Liz discuss season 5, episode 7 of Star Trek: Discovery – “Erigah”(!!!).

  • It is DEVASTATING that this is Discovery‘s last season and we’re going to lose Rayner as fast as we got him
  • Liz accidentally talks herself into shipping Michael/Nahn and also Nahn/Ortegas
  • We have unlocked Rayner’s tragic backstory
  • Hot take: Michael is now a better captain than (prime) Georgiou
  • Anika is here to make it about Jack Crusher
  • We aren’t puzzle people, but neither are the Discovery writers, and it kind of shows
  • Jett/Pelia has never been more canon

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