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170. Kovich Ex Machina (Discovery 5.06)

Anika and Liz infiltrate a pre-warp society, where they absolutely do not enter a race, that is clearly a trap. Not because of the human sacrifice, because of the running!

  • Like episode 3, this felt a bit predictable, but ALSO like a rebuke to “Lift Us Up Where Suffering Cannot Reach” and “Who Watches The Watchers”, so we’re not mad about it
  • What if obeying the Prime Directive is the unethical option? 
  • (Caretaker + Who Watches the Watchers) x (Lift Us Up Where Suffering Cannot Reach + Sacred Ground) – Christopher Pike/Evil Ex + Michael “Fuck the Prime Directive” Burnham
  • Hugh Culber and ChatGPT therapy
  • Paul and Hugh are both at turning points, but it’s not a crisis for them or their relationship
  • This season is the opposite of a mystery box
  • Discovery has always been a series where science and religion co-exist
  • Paramount, the most competent media company, accidentally took Anika off their Star Trek list and put her on the Knuckles list. So … we talk about Knuckles
  • Is Kovich a little too omniscient?
  • We are not here for fandom’s fatshaming of Mary Wiseman