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169. (Anika’s Version) (Discovery 5.05)

(Note: our episodes are getting shorter because the screeners are fairly low quality and don’t have subtitles, so it’s a bit harder to get deep into the weeds of a story than if we were recording as episodes air. But our day jobs are quite busy, so we need to record as far in advance as possible in order to make our self-imposed deadlines. It’s a pickle!)

Anika and Liz beam over to an eerily familiar starship, steal a locket and a plush gecko, and discuss episode 5 of Star Trek: Discovery‘s fifth and final season, “Mirrors”.

  • It’s a double date for L’ak and Moll and Book and Michael!
  • We take it back about not being able to emotionally engage with L’ak
  • Liz has a theory about what this episode is setting up
  • We’re checking in with Hugh
  • Respectfully, so far the puzzle isn’t very puzzling
  • Rayner’s performance anxiety