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167. Trust the Process (Discovery 5.03)

Anika and Liz beam down to Trill, don their finest red cloaks and hoods, and discuss the third episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s season 5, “Janaal”. Including…

  • This is a perfectly fine episode, but it seems a shame to waste our limited time this season on something that is merely competent
  • RIP Star Trek: Lower Decks
  • Introducing the beta shift when fans are still under the impression that the alpha shift bridge crew should be the leads: brilliant trolling
  • We have always been Wilson Cruz Appreciators, but we are appreciating him extra hard!
  • We are concerned about Paul
  • “Not to be a Rayner apologist, but I am definitely going to be a Rayner apologist.”
  • The Vulcan alt-right sure does endure! 
  • Adira and Grey are cosplaying maturity (and that’s okay)