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163. PUA seeks Tradwife (TOS 1.22)

Anika and Liz don their finest gold mesh and settle in to discuss a key Star Trek episode: “Space Seed”…

  • It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: this episode is super racist (would it have been better or worse if they had renamed Khan and made him Mexican?)
  • Time to ask the real questions: why are there so many women in Star Trek named Marla?
  • Marlene McGivers: aspiring tradwife
  • We’ve found it. A woman in Star Trek that neither Anika nor Liz can defend
  • Does SNW break “Space Seed”? 
  • But seriously, why has La’an not changed her name
  • How did the Eugenics Wars … work?
  • Khan Noonien Singh: still a better world leader than Donald Trump