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162. Certain Type of Feminism-Coded

Last April, Anika and Liz each bought a copy of the June 1999 issue of the official Star Trek magazine.

Then we had … some other things to podcast about.

But we’ve finally opened it, and we’re talking about…

  • Remember when we’d pay US$7.99 — or AU$15! — for a magazine that contained a couple of interviews, some facts we already knew about the Klingon Empire and a Bird-of-Prey pinup?
  • The Kate Mulgrew interview:
    • She does not talk about her relationship with Jeri Ryan (but we do)
    • None of the other captains of this era had to talk about how work took them away from their kids — and Scott Bakula had a toddler when Enterprise started!
    • (Hey, isn’t it cool that now Anson Mount can request and get paternity leave, and no one’s asking Sonequa Martin-Green how she balances motherhood with her career?)
    • Putting the Janeway/Chakotay relationship on the backburner (and where they could end up in Prodigy — that’s us speculating, not Kate in 1999…)
    • We try to picture Kate Mulgrew in the MCU and fail spectacularly
    • Let’s all take a moment to send bad vibes to Liz’s grade 10 drama teacher
  • Jason Alexander and the woke agenda
  • 1999 NFTs
  • Anika wants you to know that D. C. Fontana shipped Spock/Christine
  • 25 years later, Tim Russ deserves an apology for the interview which closes the magazine