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151. Working Girl (Nyota’s Version) (SNW 2.10)

Anika and Liz stop off in a small town in the … midwest? to hang out in a diner? And discuss “Hegemony”, the second season finale of Strange New Worlds? Which was definitely an episode of television?

  • The Gorn problem (why are the characters so incurious about them?)
  • SNW rips off the Alien franchise without understanding it
  • Concept: promote Pike early, stash him on Starbase One with April, give Batel the Enterprise
  • Do the writers know Erika Ortegas is a regular character? Do they know Sam Kirk is not? 
  • Is it because we’re both career admin people that we don’t vibe with Pike’s leadership style? Anika has a whole theory about the 1980s comedy Working Girl and how Pike is the Sigourney Weaver character!
  • “What if we do the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ cliffhanger, only … bad?” 
  • Anika has a BAD THEORY about La’an’s fate
  • Liz has a WORSE THEORY about Paramount+’s survival and the odds of a third season