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150. Extremely Off-Broadway (SNW 2.09)

Anika studied musical theatre at college. Liz outrighted hated musicals until two weeks ago. And they’re here to discuss … “Subspace Rhapsody”! And also fight crime. Star Trek crime. Which this episode is not, except when it is. It’s our very special 150th episode!

  • Liz did a crash course in musicals, and then “Subspace Rhapsody” kind of does the same thing!
  • “It’s bad because it’s Strange New Worlds, not because it’s a musical.”
  • Liz has some comments about sound mixing, which is PRETTY RICH coming from someone whose podcast sounds the way it does
  • We’ve had a season of characterisation via romance to build up to a musical! It all makes sense! (Except that it’s all so straight!)
  • La’an and Una are failing the Bechdel test in song!
  • We need more Batel, less Pike
  • Christine Chapel has never done anything wrong, ever, in her entire life, and Anika has never loved her more
  • “It’s like the put all the pieces on the board, and then they threw the board in the trash” – the SNW Story
  • If you look up “liberal white men who step back and let Black women do all the work of saving the world” you’ll find a picture of Chris Pike