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15. I Know! A Halo! (Disco 2.12)

We’re talking season 2, episode 12 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Through the Valley of Shadows”. And…

  • Pike’s character (“He is Starfleet”)
  • Can the ableism of “The Menagerie” be fixed? Signs point to no! 
  • Ken Mitchell: he will play all the Klingons
  • (Proposal: Mary Chieffo as the new Suzie Plakson)
  • The L’Rell-Voq | Ash-Michael family unit and love triangle
  • A very obvious plant
  • Adventures in self-destruct sequences

This episode is short because big chunks of it were lost to audio malfunctions, as Liz’s microphone started blipping in and out. Among the discussions lost were “Does Jett’s wife being dead add to the dead lesbians trope?” and “But seriously, how many ships does Starfleet have?” Apologies!