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145. Whose Utopia Is It Anyway? (SNW 2.04)

Anika and Liz put on their cute away mission hats and, in between high-pitched noises and Liz’s neighbour revving his car, discuss the Strange New Worlds episode “Among the Lotus Eaters”…

  • Liz had a visceral reaction to this episode: a timeskip-inducing migraine would have been preferable
  • WORSE, Anika is indifferent
  • Character development for Ortegas: she flies the ship! 
  • Hey, space millennials! Don’t go wanting career advancement! Don’t even put a toe outside your designated box! 
  • Speaking of designated boxes, the whole Warrior!M’Benga thing? Yikes
  • It feels like Pike is incredibly bad at his job
  • Captain Batel, honey, girl, you deserve better. And also a first name
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: for when the Berman Era isn’t heteronormative enough
  • Pike is a complacent captain for a complacent Star Trek
  • Contemporary Star Trek and the American liberal arts bubble
  • …so what does it say that Ortegas, the most ‘working class’ character, is kinda racist?
  • “I realise that I’m reading a lot into my favourite character, but that’s what I do.”

(Liz would like to apologise for the revving sounds in the first fifteen minutes. She has already bought a better microphone that will record less outdoor noises and possibly more chair creaks.)