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142. Fake It Til You Make It (SNW 2.01)

Anika and Liz are left unsupervised for a moment, so what choice do they have but to steal the Enterprise?

Yes, season 2 of Strange New Worlds has begun, and we are here to discuss:

  • This was a solid B+ of an episode! Why does The Algorithm want us to think everyone hated it?
  • We know more about Pelia from two scenes than we’ve learned about Ortegas in a whole season
  • The algorithm keeps bringing us the Bad Spock Takes
  • But seriously, we can criticise the heteronormativity without being biphobic and/or misogynistic 
  • Anika makes the argument for Spock/Christine
  • La’an and Spock are mirror images
  • M’Benga, Chapel and the homebrew super soldier serum
  • Conceptually, the super soldier serum is great; in practice, the racial dynamic is … bad
  • How much do we love Pelia? SO MUCH
  • “This is getting out of hand. And awesome.”
  • The costume design for the away team is amazing and we love it
  • For Nichelle