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140. The Main Character Of The Federation (Star Trek: Picard season 3 – part 1)

We’re putting on our old uniforms, hijacking a starship and stealing a shuttle to rescue Beverly Crusher, and we have NO REGRETS. Yes, it’s finally time for Anika and Liz to talk about Star Trek: Picard

  • There is a strong possibility that this was … bad
  • In Star Trek: Picard, Borg nonsense is always on the horizon
  • Is Terry Matalas mirror!Anika? The signs are there!
  • A lot of our problems with this season are actually with season 2, ie, the discarding of the original cast
  • Some TNG characters were incredibly well-served in season 3. Others… 
  • Returning female characters, fridging, and men who hold grudges for three decades
  • The MCUification of Star Trek
  • Anika cannot be normal about Jack Crusher
  • Something very odd is happening with the passage of time in this series, and in the absence of any other evidence, we’re going to assume it’s Janeway’s fault
  • Hey, remember when Soji was the female lead? Anyone?