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136. Into the Trekiverse (Q-Squared)

Thoughts and prayers for Disney’s IP lawyers

FIRST: After we recorded this episode, we learned that Peter David is recovering from a series of strokes, along with a mild heart attack. His wife is raising money for his medical bills, and if you enjoy our coverage of his work, please consider throwing a few bucks their way.

Anika and Liz hop some timelines and read pages 1-105 (paperback edition) of Q-Squared by Peter David, and along the way, discuss…

  • Our first encounters with the novel
  • A brief overview of Picard/Crusher shipping in the official tie-ins
  • They don’t make tie-in novels like they used to
  • We come to this with pre-existing opinions about Peter David
  • Getting into the alternate universe set-up of Track A: Captain Jack Crusher, Commander Picard, Dr Howard, Nurse Geordi, POW!Riker and Vigilante!Worf
  • This book gets deeper into Jack Crusher’s personality than any other TNG-related material, and, uh, yikes
  • Peter David writes a GREAT Riker
  • Listen to Where’s Beverly’s Hallowe’en episode for Liz’s “Beverly is a space witch” theory
  • The perpetual widowhood of Beverly Crusher
  • Canon timeline Deanna is a punchline and it’s not funny
  • “This novel makes me feel things, and I appreciate that.”