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133. Fandom Unicorns

Our inability to think of a m/m pairing we ship is why we are Outlier Trekkies

It’s Valentine’s Day! Or close enough. Anika and Liz settle in with chocolate, champagne and a list of their favourite OTPs. And OT3s. And … look, we have so many ships, we’re practically a navy. 

  • Picard/Crusher: our first OTP
  • Gwyn/Dal: #OTPCatboots
  • Fifty years and all it took to make Anika ship Spock/Chapel was letting Christine have a personality
  • Anika’s favourite Star Trek rarepair will SHOCK and SCANDALIZE 
  • Janeway/Kashyk shippers: there were dozens of us in 2000!
  • Has Janeway/Paris become a rarepair? That’s definitely not going to stop Anika from shipping it! (We respectfully disagree with this essay.)
  • Janeway/Chakotay: Liz knows she shouldn’t ship it but she cannot stop
  • “Speaking of war crimes…” (Or, how to segue into Cornwell/Lorca)
  • Anika has a LOT of femslash OTPs
  • Janeway/Seven has gotten more complicated now we’re adults
  • Sometimes, shipping problematic things is … good
  • Vulcan polyamory is logical
  • Big shout out to the Captain Georgiou/Commodore Paris shippers
  • Please go and read Anika’s Palpatine-as-the-sex-candle-ghost fic, it’s so much better than the premise deserved
  • We can ship Kathryn Janeway with everyone, and we will ship Kathryn Janeway with everyone
  • (We will also ship Katrina Cornwell with most people and we are not sorry)