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127a. Baby Yoda Lettuce (an Antimatter Pod mini)

Days after we had this conversation, the … Star Trek branded cycling jersey line dropped.

Due to real life shenanigans (Thanksgiving, a state election), Anika and Liz were unable to record last weekend. But here’s a mini-ep we prepared earlier – a long rant about the state of Star Trek merchandising that was cut for time/relevance from our last full ep.

Topics include:

  • Disney knows when to merchandise a series, and more important, when not to merchandise it
  • Paramount can’t do either
  • When your merchandising is dominated by spirits, wine, beer and drinking glasses, there’s a whoooooole demographic you’re excluding – and we say that as people who drink!
  • Also, our predictions for episode 15 of Prodigy? So wrong. SO wrong!