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123. Hostile Enthusiasm (NYCC 2022)


Anika went to New York ComicCon! So we’re catching up on all the news, including…

  • PLUSH MURF! An oasis in a quality merch desert! 
  • Discovery season 5: this looks FUN
  • Callum Keith Rennie’s Captain Rayner sounds like Lorca 2.0, and we approve
  • We already love L’ak and Moll, even though Liz is already planning a barrage of Australian puns
  • Prodigy season 1.5: OUR CHILDREN ARE BACK
  • Liz can tell the difference between Jameela Jamil and Ella Purnell, honest.
  • From shipping Janeway/Janeway to making it WEIRD in record time
  • Picard season 3: it’s us! The only people in fandom who think this looks awful!
  • The misogynoir starts in the trailer, and Michelle Hurd and Michael Dorn deserve better
  • We’re here for the Picard/Crusher, but also, we watched season 2, soooooooooo…?
  • If they’ve killed off Laris, we’re going to find a table and flip it
  • For all our complaints about Picard and the way it dominates the conversation (and marketing budget), the future of Star Trek lies with the people who came in with Discovery and Prodigy, and that’s wonderful.