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121. Utilising Girl Power (Kai Winn deep dive, part 2)

In conclusion, justice for the entire Sisko family

Winn’s back! And she’s … First Minister? Anika and Liz put on their robes, dig up an ancient Bajoran city and discuss…

  • Winn wants power, but she’s not good at using it
  • Why is Shakaar interesting right up until he becomes a love interest for Kira?
  • Winn thinks she and Kira are playing good cop/bad cop, and Kira’s like, “Wait, I don’t wanna be a cop!”
  • As a portrait of a white church lady on a power trip, Winn has aged VERY well
  • We are going to generously assume the Federation is a democracy
  • Winn’s desperation for power is a trauma response, because the entire planet of Bajor has PTSD
  • She has actual character development (and ceases to be an antagonist to Sisko) in “Rapture”
  • The Prophets seem to hate Jake Sisko specifically, which is just further proof they’re not good people

It’s the episode where we compare the Federation to the British Empire!