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118. The Ones Who Warp Away From Omelas/Talk Like A Space Pirate Day (SNW 1.06 and 1.07)

We need to rescue the real Dr Aspen and then they can adopt the dog that was DEFINITELY rescued after “Memento Mori”

Content warning: We discuss school shootings, gun violence and child death a LOT in this episode, but specific time stamps are as follows: 

  • Conversation about the Uvalde massacre from 4:30 to 6:26
  • The coronavirus death toll: 8:42 to 9:01 but also Liz is very mean about the British to 10:04
  • Back to school shootings, and also Kenobi, from 25:41 to 31:38

Anika and Liz don their finest catsuits to plan a jail break and discuss episodes 6 (“Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach”) and 7 (“The Serene Squall”) of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

  • Is it possible we are being punked? Is everyone else getting a different, better version of Strange New Worlds?
  • If you’re going to rip off Le Guin, at least try and do a good job
  • Everyone who called Discovery “grimdark” and “nihilistic” owes it an apology
  • It left the sexism behind, but otherwise Strange New Worlds is very much the heir to Enterprise
  • We are very concerned for M’Benga and Rukia, and also very mad about fandom’s racism towards them
  • Following last episode’s strong anti-child-eating stance, we’re going to take another radical position: maybe we shouldn’t let children die?
  • Anika will not stand by and let Liz criticise the Star Wars prequels
  • SNW is like season 3 of Voyager: competent but not in any way groundbreaking or remarkable
  • “The Serene Squall” owes something to How Much For Just The Planet? Except that was … good
  • We’ve seen Our Flag Means Death, we have standards when it comes to comedy pirates
  • Honestly, we would feel better about the trans/non-binary representation here if the writers were not cis and the writing was not so heteronormative
  • (It’s so heteronormative!)
  • Anika has a controversial opinion: let’s decanonise TOS
  • Hey, remember when this series had two Black regulars? Where’d they go?
  • Maybe they’re in the same place as that emotional continuity we were promised?