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113. Riot Grrrl Borg (PIC 2.08)

Spit those batteries out RIGHT NOW young lady, or so help me…

Anika and Liz are locked in the FBI’s basement to discuss the latest two episodes of Star Trek: Picard, “Monsters” and “Mercy”.

  • We have a few follow-ups to our discussion of mental health in our mini-ep, but otherwise we’re skirting around the Yvette plotline in “Monsters”
  • Liz maybe owes Michael Chabon an apology
  • Okay, but it’s probably a bad sign when Law & Order addresses the same issues as Star Trek but more progressively
  • Raffi? Manipulative? Really?
  • Seven and Raffi are both dealing with a LOT, and this episode puts a lot of their recent interactions in context (finally)
  • (Again: what IS pacing?)
  • Anika had a really outstanding rant about the foolishness of making people chose their career paths at age 18, and it was trimmed down because her cat agreed so enthusiastically that the rant itself became inaudible, but trust us, it was great
  • Rios slept through the class on the temporal prime directive
  • We’re going to be Those Fans about Agent Wills’s story, but for different reasons