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112. Thanks, I Hate It (One specific subplot of PIC 2.07)

“If you [the writer] haven’t gone through it yourself, ask really good questions.” – Anika

Anika and Liz had such strong feelings about episode 7 of season 2 of Star Trek: Picard, Monster, that they organised a quick out-of-schedule catch-up to rant.

Accordingly, this episode (and its show notes!) contains much fresher spoilers than usual.

We discuss:

  • Our concerns about the Yvette Picard plotline came true, with a fun domestic violence fake-out twist!
  • Multiple ableist tropes: the tortured artist whose creativity depends on their mental illness; the “having a mentally ill parent is SO traumatic” story
  • Imagine being a bipolar Trekkie right now
  • Brief mention of suicide from 8:14 to 8:26
  • This is not AS egregious, but they got Freud all over our Picard/Crusher