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111. A Really Amazing Earthquake (Picard 2.06)

It’s time to ask the really big questions: just how many theatre kids have the Borg assimilated?

Anika and Liz cut the lights, grab the mike, and discuss episode 6 of Star Trek: Picard’s second season: “Two of One”.

  • The casting announcement! 
  • Will we get a Star Trek: Stargazer?
  • Poor Kore, and poor Isa Briones, who has to spend every season playing a woman facing an identity crisis
  • The pacing on this show is SO BAD, but at least it’s bad in a different way to Discovery? Through trial and error, we will eventually get to a place where the pacing is good?
  • Someone at Tesla GAVE APPROVAL for their car to be used in scene where it runs over Picard and that is AMAZING
  • How much Twilight fic do we think Kore has written?
  • We are CONCERNED about next week’s Yvette plotline
  • Tallinn could be played by Gates McFadden and literally nothing else about the story would change