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110. A Girl-Shaped Motivation (PIC 2.05)

Any situation where Q is your therapist is probably going to end badly

Put on a nice dress and bring your imaginary friend, Anika and Liz are here to talk about Star Trek: Picard‘s “Fly Me To The Moon”!

  • We have a bit of a scheduling change coming up!
  • Tallinn: is she now or has she ever been a cat?
  • Liz is overthinking things like it’s her job
  • Renee Picard and Kore Soong: they’re not quite characters yet 
  • Liz has this whole THING about Persephone, aka Kore, and the Egyptian goddess Isis, and look, she doesn’t get to use her Classics degree that often, just humour her like Anika does
  • Expositional cleavage
  • Stop Possessing Agnes 2k22 Challenge
  • Depression, like the Borg Queen, is a liar OH IT’S A METAPHOR