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08. A Hot Mushroom Man (Disco 2.05)

Once again, Discovery brought us an episode packed with twists, turns and no half-Vulcans whatsoever, and we are here to talk about it. 

Our discussion includes…

  • We love Sylvia Tilly the way Philippa Georgiou loves trolling Michael
  • Soooooooooooo is Hugh a mushroom now? 
  • Leland and Pike are old frenemies, and we are into it
  • Kat Cornwell is back! 
  • Anika’s La Femme Nikita AU
  • …we also talk Star Wars a bit, because why not?
  • Wild speculation about the Picard series
  • The mycelial dating network

And more!

This is a slightly shorter episode, though, because we both had colds — Anika in particular — and once you edit out the nose blowing, there’s not a lot left. Also, Liz is even more nasal than usual. 

Link: The Vulture recap quoted by Liz

Podsketch! So on the one hand, I have some Feelings about the idea that, because Kat is a woman, and older, and in a position of authority, she should be cast in a maternal or nurturing role. My Feeling is, basically, I Don’t Like It.

On the other hand…

A pencil sketch of Pike and Leland wearing an oversized T-shirt over their uniforms. The shirt is printed with the words "Our get along shirt". They look deeply unhappy.