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05. So Spock All the Time (Disco 2.02)

Fans are calling “New Eden” ‘the Trekkiest episode of Discovery so far’ — but is that a good thing? Anika and Liz talk tropes, religion, and that weird feeling you get when you’re only feeling lukewarm about something everyone else loves.

Also covered: 

  • Worldbuilding
  • Spock: the most dramatic (he gets it from his parents)
  • When do we cut off Tilly’s coffee supply?
  • Things we totally called: Saru mentoring Tilly!
  • Pike, Spock, Michael, and relationships of trust
  • Anika has extremely strong opinions about Starfleet hospital gowns through the years

At one point, Liz claimed that, aside from Alex Kurtzman, none of the writers for this episode have been involved with Trek previously. Here’s a list of ways that’s inaccurate: 

  • Akiva Goldsman, not Alex Kurtzman, was the producer with a writing credit for this episode.
  • One of the other writers did “Despite Yourself” last year
  • The third credited writer had a bit part in TNG, which isn’t the same as a writing credit, but if I’m going to be pedantic, well…

Anika talks about her user icon in her FAQ.